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Increase the chances of getting the job you want

Increase the chances of getting the job you want

by Bobby Dixon

If you need a job, a career change or if you are simply re-entering the job market, this article will be very useful to you. Regardless of the circumstances and reasons for you needing a job, there are a few steps you need to undertake to find successfully the job you want. Nowadays finding a job isn’t easy and if you want to get that dream opportunity, you will need a lot more than a little bit of luck. Here are some steps that will help you find employment successfully.

Make a plan

First, you need to decide exactly what kind of job you want. Searching online and through going through ads until something comes up is not a plan. You cannot wait for a job; you must find it. Consider your job search as if it were a job itself. Each day, devote some time to job related activities such as revising your CV, looking for job notices, improving your skills and so on. With the power of technology and internet, you have numerous resources available to improve your skills and learn how you can increase your odds of getting exactly the job you desire. You can even get consults in various online forums specially created for job seekers.

Use social networking sites

Social networking websites like LinkedIn can be very useful to job seekers. Create a profile on this kind of websites and put them to good use. Let everyone know you’re looking for work. Think about your LinkedIn profile as your other CV. You never know who might contact you. Also, you can use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends and acquaintances you’re on the hunt.


Get new skills

Every skill you have will help you get some job. Consider your options and determine whether it might be the time to move into a new career field or if you need to upgrade your current skills. I advise you to always improve your current skills when you have time. If you have difficulties doing this on your own, contact local government agencies because they may offer free career counseling and various training programs. Start learning a new language, improve your dexterity and explore your creativity. These three skills will always come in handy, no matter what is your profession.

Start volunteering

Many employers turn down candidates because they don’t have any experience in the field of work they applied for. If you are among the ones who don’t have any work experience yet, instead of complaining how nobody wants to employ you, start volunteering in your professional field. This way you’ll not only gain experience, but you’ll also make some good contacts that might be useful in the future. You could also consider volunteering in something you’re passionate about. You will help others, gain references and boost your resume.

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Contact a temp agency

If you need money, and you need to find work fast, you can make a contract with a temp agency and get a temporary job until you get on your feet a bit. If you’ve been unemployed for months, this can also help you breaking the cycle of despair you may be feeling. So, for more information make sure you visit this link and end your stay among the unemployed.

The 4 genres of employment screening services to expect

The 4 genres of employment screening services to expect

by Marie Barnett

If you have been seeking for a job, you know how tough it is. These days, employers require more fine details rather than just your academic excellence. You may be the most qualified applicant with regard to certificates but other factors may through you out. Screening services are now trending more than ever. Seeking a job now requires compliance to what it is the screening service interviewers are looking for. They are the people to recommend you for a given advertised job after they are sure that you are clean and fit for it. It is important that you understand what services they offer so that you be prepared. Here are the top four common services you can expect.

  1. Verification services

It’s a very broad category that has sub-categories inside it. The reason for that is the fact that when applying for a job, you give details and reasons to explain why you are the best candidate. If your assessors were to consider everything people say is true, the world could be somewhat unfair. Some people know how to forge things. They will do anything just to win the opportunity. Just like scrutiny is important during tender analysis and awards, verification in job applications is also vital. Certain types of verifications include education, previous employment, reference and professional license. All these must be true as indicated in your papers after the analysis to be on the safe side. For example, if you claim to have achieved a first class honors, the verification crew will have to research deeper to the university you studied and the exact dates that marked your period of study.

  1. Criminal record research services

search employee iconWorking with criminals is a great risk to any company. These people can deceive fellow employees or even you just to get what they want. They will also lead to increased violence at your workplace. Just by meeting someone does not bring out the details of their past actions. The past is what defines people. It works better if you consider the criminal record services. These services are part of the essential screening services that look into the misconducts of an individual as recorded in legal books. With these, you will be able to differentiate between the morally fit candidate and the ones rejected by the system.

  1. Industry specific services

Different lines of work require different expertise. So many people are out there seeking for job opportunities. But there is one person who matches all your criteria out there. How do you know which one? If you are looking for a nurse, you must have a way of filtering the bankers and technicians applying for the job. Screening services allows for this industry specific filter to reach out to only the competent candidates in terms of skills.

  1. Specialty services

The last category incorporates especial kinds of research done to determine suitability. Some of these include vehicle reports for drivers, abuse registry and social security reports.

Others include drug tests and international screening.