Welcome to NAACP Diversity & High Tech Career Fair.  Whether you are a human resource professional looking for talented employees or you are a job candidate seeking that perfect career opportunity, we can put the world within your reach.

Produced by Shomex Productions and presented by the NAACP, this career fair provides a forum for diversity-minded employers and high-caliber professionals from all communities to meet and explore employment opportunities.  Job candidates are professionals with three or more years experience in a wide range of fields including: accounting, administration, finance, engineering, IT, management, marketing and sales.

The Year 2000 national sponsors for NAACP Diversity & High-Tech Career Fairs can be seen below.  We are proud to provide our sponsors with the opportunity to source the top professionals in the nation and allow them to demonstrate their corporate commitment to diversity employment. We invite other companies to reap similar benefits through a customized sponsorship program.