Cleaning the dog’s ears should be a routine. It’s the only way that ear infections can be prevented. Everyone wants their dogs to be happy jumping from place to place in comfort and happiness. If you ask many dog lovers though, many are the times when the dogs are in bad moods. That’s probably they are experiencing pain or are ill. Ear infection has been discovered to be one of the menace affecting dogs. You have to do whatever it takes to ensure that your dog is not among the many that are attacked by infections. Home remedies are applicable in combination with ear wash for dogs. There are certain things you should be knowing and practicing for the well-being of your dog. Here are some tips.

  • Operate on a clean dry ear only

dog-ear-cleaningMany of the home remedies intended to counter ear infections are to be applied in form of drops to the ears. These are usually trusted to work. This is however only when the ear is initially clean and dry. If there are other irritants on the ear surface by the time of application, the dog will suffer from pain and discomfort. For this reason, make sure that you have dried the ears with a towel.

  • Good hygiene is essential

It is important that you understand the effects of poor hygiene. In the first place, it is the dirt that leads to ear infection in dogs. If more dirt is allowed into the ears during the time of treatment, you will be making matters worse. The towels you use to clean the ears and dry them should be clean as well. Your hands should be clean as well. In addition, ear wash for dogs products are there for this purpose. Make sure that you always use them for dog cleaning to keep off bacteria.

  • Grooming the dog helps

dog_earsTake the example of human beings. If you go out nude and exposed, you are vulnerable to diseases more than the person well-groomed with a jacket. The fur on the dog ears is not enough to suppress bacteria action. If the ears and the rest of the body could be covered in some way, the better. Clothing will ensure that the dog is off mites and other bacteria. Direct contact with these is eliminated and hence safety.

  • Best nutrition for the dog

There are certain nutrients that dogs require to lead a healthy life. Among these is the vitamin C. considering that the dog is a carnivore, there is not much vitamins in the diet. You have to find a way of introducing vitamin C into the dog’s system to boost its immune system.

  • Shave the fur around the ears

As much as you use the ears wash for dogs, consider aeration in the ears. The fur can be barriers preventing free flow of air into the ears and increasing the chances of ear infection. The ear canal for dogs is long and proper aeration is necessary.